Setting destination for APK files

When saving my APK files, App Inventor saves them in downloads. I'd rather save them in a specific directory I have created in My Documents. How can I set that as default?

BTW, I am not getting email notifications when there are replies to my posts...

Which browser are you using ? For example in Chrome -> go to Settings - Advanced - Downloads - Check Ask where to save each file before downloading

As for email notifications have you checked your preferences in you profile ?

Thanks. Re notifications, working OK now. I am using Firefox. In Options I have selected 'Always ask...'. It does not make any difference (because I am not using AppInventor via the browser).

App Inventor is always used in the browser. What do you mean by this?

I have set up a desktop icon for it. And BTW re notifications, I do get one for the first reply to a post here, but not for the later ones.

If you mean you are using a 3rd Party Offline version, there may be a built-in option, you would need to ask the developer.