Setting a Background image which is looped rather than stretched

Hello all,

Whilst designing my Club App. i wished to add a background to it. the image i made is a rather good one but since its a solid non dynamic kind of image i wanted to make it very small and loop it like i would with a normal site. By doing this it lowers load time and prevents stretching of an image and has a higher resolution.

i find that after using this image of the background it lowers the resolution and stretches it as well depending on what page im on. how i can loop it and increase image quality of the background image? Is my main question really?

P.S. Ive already seen the other post of the canvas quality being poor and some folk consider it a bug when its actually an app function etc.

Example background issue

App Inventor doesn’t have the “repeat” property for a background image. It would be a good addition though! :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:.
The workaround I thought about might be a little cumbersome. It involves making an arrangement to be resized to the image dimensions, to avoid the distortion you mentioned. This will make the arrangement width or height bigger than the screen. That’s not a problem. You just use that arrangement as a background picture, and place another arrangement inside (with transparent background) to contain your components.