Set Player Element with Spinner Selection

How do I create the ASD?

You shouldn't have to. (Anke will correct me if I am wrong) May depend on Android version you are running...


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I'm not sure why these blocks aren't working.

Try these:

You do not really need these tests

Make life easy for yourself, save the savedRecording path to the tinydb (it is not as pretty, I agree)

but then you can do this

This is how i tried it.

Is there no way to do this?

As I previously showed you with my example blocks.

Follow them to get it working. Once you have that, then apply your requirements, step by step, testing after each new step to ensure it continues to work.

I have edited your BEATBOX.aia file, uploaded above, to make it work.

BEATBOX_revised.aia (1.4 MB)