Set latitude and longitude

Hello, I want to ask.. How to set the location if i want make the app can choose the venue ( latitude n longitude already set) ?
Example: user choose Venue (A), (4.2105° N, 101.9758° E)

Just clairfying: you want to pan to this location on a map?

no, i want user select the location that already have latitude n longitude

You can post a location as you describe on a map using different ways depending on where your location information is stored.

  • use the Map component :Use the design time Marker control on a Map component with a List of venues (possibly as a ListofPairs).

A simple way that shows how to place the Marker. Extracting and displaying GPS coordinates - #4 by SteveJG . You need to adapt it to work with a List or ListView.

Two complex app examples you could adapt to use lots of venues. They use run time Markers and a database.

  • use the ActivityStarter:
    Use a List of Coordinates

    Use a specific set of coordinates

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