Set fixed countdown timer ex: 15min,30min,45min,60min

hello there, i am trying to make a Bluetooth connection with a timer to control the module for connect and disconnect. I have already done the timer and Bluetooth, but instead of put the time manually i want to select from a drop-down box.
can anybody help, sorry for bad English. thank you

In AI2 they are called Spinners or List Pickers.

Hello Zahir

Try this:

TimerConnectBT.aia (3.4 KB)

hi ChrisWard, thank you too much for the help.
i did it by other more complicated.
I'm building an Bluetooth app to connect to a game console (pandora).
I want to open a busyness , so what i have achieved till now is:
Bluetooth connection to the 2 relay module, Spinner working with Label to not add Time manually, (once put time user can't add or remove) till time gets finish. now i want a very challenging thing haha.

I want to get a log or history of how much time (Hours or Minutes) the console have been played.
Meaning how many times the user input time to play the console.
"Making screen recording it will take too much space" because it is 8h or 10h a day of working time.
any idea?

Hi ABG, thank you for the suggestion.
i manage already.


Well, apparently that console is running on Linux, so you could probably write a program in C (or any of many languages, take a look at Pure Basic) to record a log and if required, send the log file to a Smartphone via Bluetooth.

If you want to discuss the possibilities further, open a new Topic with a relevant title and as much info about the console as possible - perhaps it has an API or SDK.

hi, thanks .
now im traveling out of town, will get back on Thursday.
i will check that option.

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