Server error. Unable to Build APK

Follow AGB's advice in post 14. You just should not need anything like 10,000 Blocks, which is probably causing the issue - so it hasn't really gone away, it's just waiting for a more inconvenient time to happen again.

My graphics were of an astronomical black hole, which grows from too much mass accreting to the point of no recovery. Just as you can't get out of a black hole, you are headed to the point of not being able to edit your app.

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Unfortunately, the number of blocks cannot be reduced in any way. I have already performed many operations to reduce the number of blocks. Translated everything into procedures. And got rid of 1000 blocks. The application is very large and has a lot of functions, so there is no way to get away from a large number of blocks.

This is your point of view... others might be able to do it... unfortunately without any screenshot of some relevant blocks noone will be able to help


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... that is an additional area to look at - is every function a necessity for the core of the App to work or are there some 'nice to haves' that don't need to be there.

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