Server error, I can't access my project

Hi. My Project won't load and build, I can't also open the blocks of my project, I can't also export or download the aia file. This is the error I encountered:
Server error: could not build target. Please try again later!
What should I do?

Don't try to open project. Go to My Projects , check the project you wish to download and then choose export selected project. See if this work for you


And if so, post the aia.


It still won't let me download my project T,T

How big was your project ? Do you have a backup saved ?

I don't know, where can I see that?

I have, but its not updated, as I have added some functions, blocks and images on my assets today.

Do other projects load correctly ? Is this problem related to specific project ?

Yes, the other projects are loading, just this one, which is my main project won't load.

Maybe you have uploaded many assets or very big images. In AIA size: 30 MB number

Yep, maybe. Should I delete the images for now? Or is there another solution?

Delete a few of them and try again.If still doesn't compile maybe got corrupted, try to download again and post it here