Server error: data corruption

i am getting this error Server error.could not load file. Please try again later on one of my apps. I can open others. I have tried to restart ai2 and my computer but without success.
I believe that the data is corrupt and i will need the assistance from someone from MIT.

When was your last .aia export taken?

I have never done one. My stupid mistake.

Put aia here

PoolControl.aia (1.4 MB)

There is some problem with blocks in screen 1. After removing blocks, the rest starts. You may have used a forbidden variable name or procedure somewhere. You can wait for someone to find an error in the blocks or re-program.PoolControl.aia (749.8 KB)

Removed some "if" blocks that were causing errors. Too many yellow and red errors with a large number of blocks cause the appinventor server to fail to load blocks.
PoolControl.aia (1.3 MB)

Ignore the last message it opened up after the second go. Thank you so much Patryk_F.

You have to change your way of programming. Too many same blocks, too large blocks. This puts a heavy load on the server and computer. That way, there will always be a problem.
Besides, you can't use two of the same clock blocks:

This is repeated with a few clocks and buttons.
Your application is a perfect example of "how not to program".


I don't know how this happened but all the blocks from my backpack went into the main block code causing all of these copies but have deleted them now and its all good.

With such a large application, everything is slow and you have to be careful when you right-click, because often, right-clicking automatically selects an item from the menu. Unfortunately, appinventor has broken use of the popup menu because the menu items can be right-clicked, and it shouldn't be.

A table driven approach can telescope your app down to almost nothing.

@Ryzn give this one a try and I just hope it works PoolControl_copy.aia (935.6 KB), down to 4400 blocks from +15000 blocks.

P.S. I was bored so I wanted to see what could be done about it..

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