Server error : could not upload project. please try again later!

Dear App inventor geniuses

Recently I tried to import an aia project and that message appeared in my offline app inventor version [Built: May 31 2018 Version: nls-1172-g2db96fcc-___
Use Companion: 2.46 ]

and even any new project if i tried to export it and import it again it gives that same new error any suggestions to fix this very weird issue.

thank you all in advance all below two attached screens one for the problem and one for the version of my offline app inventor environment.

Are you trying AI2U? That version is outdated, I don't recommend you to use that version.

Instead, use the App Inventor version nb188 and the Companion in this version:


thank you , I understand that online version is better but it's easy for me to use the offline version and more convenient too.

i'm using this one , i know it is old but it was working fine and doing well but that problem was super weird that it destroyed the feature of importing any other new projects


If you want another offline version, here is App Inventor Offline. It should work better.

Download it here.


Thank you i'll give it a try :heart::heart:

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