Server error: could not upload project. Please try again later!

I want to make a game in which I upload 600 png picture with small size
but when I want to upload modified aia project(that add my PNG images to assets folder) to appinventor this error is shown
"Server error: could not upload project. Please try again later!"
I can Upload my project to "" server
but this error is shown
"This project was saved with a newer version of the App Inventor system. We will attempt to load the project, but there may be compatibility issues."
Can anyone help me what can I do?
my aia size is 6 MB
best regards

The server at doesn't handle large numbers of assets. Writing each asset redundantly take time and so you likely are pushing the upper limit of the allowable runtime (Google's servers forcibly kill the process at 1 minute of runtime).

We haven't updated yet to run the latest release while we spend some time working on outstanding bugs. If you haven't used any new features of the release, your old AIA should still work in spite of the warning you receive about it coming from a newer version of App Inventor.