Server error could not save one or more file . Please try again later

I'm making the map application with thousand uploading geojson file for mapping location. when the polygon is below 500, there is no problem with it, and when reach 1000 polygon, it is running on emulator and its ok, and no error with the blocks too, but the problem is i can't build the app. can anyone help me please.
(sorry my english is not clear enough)
here is the app..
ISYKARIMAN_KAVLING_6_copy (1).aia (2.0 MB)

The DX error is at the bottom of the error list:

(building on

Screen2 blocks image was too large for this board.

Too many components causes DX error

Abd why are you using this extension?

You have a lot of repetition in your blocks.

You have 16 web components, all fired at once, with similar processing.

Learn tables and generic blocks to reduce your block count.

Retire your rubber stamp.

is there any solution with polygon ? because it's impossible if i reduce the polygon

ouch, sorry i will delete it, it was use when i try using extension but it failed, and i forgot to delete

can u give th example please :pray:

I missed the map features overload reported in Server error could not save one or more file . Please try again later - #4 by Ria_Das

Your first effort should be to find a way to load all those map features at run time from CSV tables stored in the Media folder, or downloaded from the web.

I found what is causing the DX error.

Those long feature lists in the Designer's Map FeatureCollections are generated at Design time from the FeatureCollection's Source attribute.
Changing it to None removes the features, reducing the component count at Design and Build time, eventually allowing the Build to complete.

That Source attribute is handy for starting out small in the Designer, but it can't scale.

You have to leave all those Source attributes in the FeatureCollections empty, and to figure out how to load the geojson files into feature collections at startup time, then load those CSV files from Google Drive that you use to decorate those feature collections.

There will be work queues (lists) and completion events in your solution.

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See this site for sample code for downloading a list of files at startup.

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thank you it's nice, so it means i don't have to use csv table for result in blocks, make the info of the table by downloading the file to the list

This is a better example, with a list of files to download:

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