Server error: could not load file. Please try again later!

My entire project cannot be opened. Error comes up saying “Server error: could not load file. Please try again later!”. Have retried many times but nothing changes. My project does have a large number of blocks, perhaps this is the issue. Just looking to find a way to get this project back as I have poured countless hours into it and am about 15 minutes from completing it.

How many minutes have you spent into taking .aia export backups of the project?

I didn’t do any exports, didn’t realize how important that was until now. I did however consistently build to apk for testing. I saved them to my computer.

…If working from home, make sure your PC/Laptop has all of the broadband and your Browser only has App Inventor on it. Clear the Cache. Try loading again.

it seems to be, you learned the hard way, how important it is to backup...
see also MIT App Inventor 2 Tips – TWO DOG APPS


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Hi. I had this issue for my project on a regular basis i.e. it would load sometimes and not load sometimes. Afterwards, I had to delete the project and reload it using the aia backup and then it would work. Now reloading it also does not seem to make a difference.

Any ideas on what to do?
I saw a previous reply to this problem and it appears that the comments were an issue.But I have hardly any comments.
The only thing about this project I am doing is the large number of procedures that have been called.