Serious mistake. Damaged aia

In my backpack I had blocks from the extension that I removed. By accident, blocks from my backpack dug into the blocks of the application I am building. Now it is impossible to save aia file after removing these blocks. I delete the blocks that copied from the backpack, save aia. After reopening aia, the blocks are still there. I also get a red message: "The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 5989854869848064_Screen1 will not be saved.". I also cannot remove old blocks from my backpack.

I fixed aia by manually removing the wrong blocks from the BKY file. Unfortunately, bad blocks cannot be removed from the backpack.

You can right click on the backpack and clear the blocks

Yes, all blocks can be removed. You can't just delete individual blocks. Well why aia crashes? When we have a lot of blocks, appinventor is slow and then right-clicking to display a context menu, sometimes an item from the menu is automatically selected. Czesto just disable grid and paste all blocks from backpack. In my opinion, the menu should not respond to clicking the right mouse button, in Windows the left button is used to select items from the menu ...

From the conncte menu, select reset to resolve the issue

Reset is used to reset the connection to the emulator or companion. I don't use an emulator or companion. For my large applications, the connection is slow and not stable. Reset does not solve the problem I described above.