Serial UTF-8 EF BF BD

Hi there. I'm reading serial data using the serial component. However, from time to time characters are replace by a white question mark on a black diamond equivalent to hex "EF BF BD". I've learned it's because of trying to interpret the values as text, anything above 0x7F will be interpreter as a UTF-8 continuation byte, and will fail to parse due to the data not being UTF-8. I wonder if there's any command equivalent to the "ReceiveUnsignedBytes" of the bluetooth component, which will return a list of the values from 0-255. Your help are kindly welcome...

You can generate some hex constants in blocks using this web trick:

That would help you filter them out.

The origin of that particular sequence is explained at

Your code sequence is not a BOM (Byte Order Marker), but you can adapt these blocks in your project after changing the hex sequence to your taste.
BOM.aia (2.8 KB) BOM hexify strip_BOM strip_BOM

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