Serial USB communication android arduino

Hi, i'm trying to establish a USB otg (no bluetooth) commmunication between my arduino UNO and my android device. I'm trying to follow this example that i found on internet, this one

but in the block section of the mit app inventor enviroment the OpenSerial block it is not linkable to an object above, but only from the left. Annotazione 2020-06-29 121104 anyone can help me?

I'm just guessing but since it gives back true or false, use a variable to check if the open succeded or not and you can put the open to the right side if the setvariable.
Like this:

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Hello Maurizio

Zol is correct, .OpenSerial is a boolean (true/false) method. I have never done this, but I think the basic block setup would look like so:

SerialUSBArduino.aia (3.9 KB)

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