Serial OTG + Charging the phone

is not possible at same time?

It is :smiley:

Do you remember Windows Phone? Do you remember continuum? Do you remember Microsoft Display Dock?

This tiny extension turned your phone into a almost full funcional desktop with HDMI and USB Interfaces

the Display Dock works with Android on low level - USB devices are accessable aaaaand: the phone is charging while being connected to the USB devices. My application is a long running data collecting and uploading and it just works

Are you referring to the Serial OTG extension here ?

Perhaps provide more details about your experience ?

Yes - its the Serial OTG extension which works super nice

my project is to read smart energy meters with IR receivers. the phone is connected (via display dock) to an USB-UART adapter with all control lines available

by active DTR or RTS i can switch between two receivers. IR detector(s) go to the Rx line. readouts are performed every 10s - and its intended to run 24/7

but the trick with the display dock is universal for all projects that connect hardware to USB and need to charge the phone as well - and display dock is 5€ these days