Hello, - someone who knew App Inventor got the opportunity to control arduino from an otg phone, called the serial component. The general principle is to build a program from blocks and then send to the series what you want through the OTG cable. Who succeeded, tell me how to build blocks for the connection, something does not work.

What the Forum knows about OTG.

You might be to do what you want without an OTG cable and capable phone. You might be able to use the new Serial component that talks to some arduino boards using serial communication


Can this component be used for purposes other than arduino? If not, the name is misleading and should contain the word Arduino. There’s a cool Serial USB Terminal app in the Google store. It allows you to send and receive data via USB of your phone. You need a USB-UART adapter, e.g. cp2101 or other. You can connect to any serial device. Interestingly, after installing this application, the connected adapter is detected automatically by the system. The system displays information that a USB device has been detected and asks whether to run the Serial USB Terminal. After uninstalling the Terminal, the adapter is no longer detected. According to me, the application installs some system component that detects the adapter. I don’t know why an extension that doesn’t work or works poorly has been added since there are so many nice extensions that could be added instead. A better idea would be to add Bluetooth Ble, or merge Ble with classic so that you don’t have to use two components.

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I’m developing an app with serial component.
I didn’t found how to establish manually the connection with Arduino.
I need to read data from Arduino in a loop.
Then I have an exception.