Sequential Code Execution - Following Multiple Web .Gets

Hi All,

Another code execution issue i'm having.

I have an app where I execute a number of Procedures, one after the other to undertake various tasks at the start of the app:

blocks (5)

The problem occurs when I get to the PopulateImageList procedure. It seems that the three previous WebScrape procedures have not finished their work before the PopulateImageList procedure executes and I'm getting an error because global variables that are being set in the WebScrape procedures are not done yet.

However, if I execute the PopulateImageList procedure within each of the Webscrape procedures, the code works fine - except that it runs three times over (once for each of the different WebScrape procedures).

Is there a way to only execute the PopulateImageList procedure once, when all three WebScrape procedures have finished? The webscrapes do not take a lot of time, so i'm not so worried about the small delay.

I've tried setting a global variable to "1" at the end of each of the three webscrapes and then only executing the PopulateImageList procedure once all three variable = "1", but I run into other errors there.

Any guidance would be welcome.

We have already been around this one!

Call the first Get, then in the web1.GotText box, call the next.

Use the webx.GotText block to confirm the get has finished before starting the next.

You're right @TIMAI2. In a different context, but it seems I was getting hung up on a particular structure of the code that I couldn't draw on that previous advice.

It works, thank you!

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