Separating two string values

Hi Everyone,

I am referring to one of my earlier post here where I wanted to save the values coming from a BLE device into a file. ABG helped me a lot to solve the issue.

However, now I want to separate the two variables and display them on two labels. I thought it is a very straight forward. But I am not able to do so even after so many trails. Now, I gave my trying by myself and asking for help. Could you please look at my blocks and let me know what I am doing wrong.

The blocks Vis_label and IR_label and their corresponding if loops are giving all the trouble.

You are trying to do a list select from a piece of text.
Here is how to do it.
Please read it carefully, block by block.

It is draggable.

Hi ABG, the above suggestion gave the following error

the second argument to foreach is not a list.

However, I solved the problem with the following implementation.

Thanks also to the following tutorial