Separating an x and y value in list

hey, this seems pretty easy to do but I'm still new to MIT, anyone know how to separate a point's x and y values in a list? Each point is an index so I'm unsure how to split it. Thanks

Show your relevant blocks, what you have tried...

I'm using posenet right now but each bone index is a point and 2 make the line, pretty much I'm trying to make it to where each bone will have a angle between them but to compute the angle I need points on the ends of each bone. I then need to seperate these points into x and y values to get slopes then arctans.

I have not used posenet but:


not sure how this will draw a line ?

Why not store the x and y values together in a list:


I'm unsure how it works but I know that part does work without all the stuff underneath it. And when I return the bone its a point value. I realize that splitting the list items in that current code would only split points but not their x or y's.

So your hierarchy is:

  • skeleton
    • bone
      • point1
        • x
        • y
      • point2
        • x
        • y

This is a list of lists of lists.

hmm ok I think i may be able to manipulate the points before it becomes a list of list of lists
I'll keep working on it thanks

By the way, I would avoid using that slice list block.

It does not do what you think it does.