Sent data to Thunder Sense over BLE

I have an Thunder Sense tag and I want to command RGB leds from my application but I can not do that.
I can read data from sensors but I am unable to sent something.
Could you, please, someone, help me to solve this issue?

This is the part with send data over BLE
Here I found some data regarding to command RGB l;eds but I can not or I don't know how to sent correctly over BLE to the tag:

Moreover, from this application used to verify the tag, I am able to send the same data as in my app and from here, leds command is working:

Thank you for support,

I think that the issue with this project is related to send and receive int32 data to/from Thunderboard using AppInventor.
I set "shorts" instead "integers" and I managed to receive some data, but only halp, because shorts is int16.
For lightup the leds from Thunderboard, I have to send this info:"1FFFFFFF"; this is an 4 bytes (32 bits) and seem that the AppInventor don not sent this...
Do you have any other information regarding to how should I send/receive int32 with AppInventor?
Another thing: if I set Register for Integers, then the application stop to display new arrived data over BLE.

Thank you,