Sending text or character to arduino through Bluetooth

I am trying to send text to Arduino using bluetooth.
I'm using clock function to do this that's when the clock is fired and the condition are met the app should send the text.

but at the arduino level i receive strange charaters

Mismatching baud rates causes garbage characters.

The baud rates of the BluetoothClient and the Arduino's BT module must be the same.

Also, if you are displaying the data on the Arduino IDE monitor then the baud rates of the Arduino serial and the monitor must be the same.

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Hello Opk

  1. We need to see the whole Clock Timer Block.
  2. What is the time interval of the Clock Timer?
  3. What is the time interval of the Sketch loop?
  4. How are you verifying the data result at the Arduino end?
  5. What model of Arduino are you using?
  6. What is the model number of the Bluetooth Module?
  7. How is the BT module connected to the Arduino?
  8. Is there anything nearby that could interfere with a BT signal?
  9. Is the Arduino running too hot?

Yes I checked and corrected the baud rate and now Arduino can capture the data and I verify it with serial monitor.

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