Sending Text from 'Label' to NodeMCU ESP8266

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know if there is a way to send multiple texts from multiple Labels to NodeMCU?
Referring to the image below, I wanted to have the Texts from those 4 Labels (named ...Output) all joint together and then send them to my NodeMCU via the 'Set1' button.

I am very new to block programming (and neither is my C++ any good) and frankly, really do not know what components I should use to achieve what I wanted. As I have a short time to complete this project for college, I do not have much time to study it step by step.

Any advise/suggestions are very much appreciated. Thank you.

See the example at

Your URL lacks some things:

  • http:// before the IP address
  • a more plausible IP address, because IP addresses ending in .1 are usually routers
  • a / after the IP address
  • identifiers for the various datums, and delimiters between them (see example).
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Thank you very much for the reply, I am looking at the example you sent and I think I have a clearer idea, though I haven't tried it yet at the moment.
As for the URL related, thanks.

My IP ending with .1 is because I am running the ESP on Access Point mode, and that was the IP address generated by the ESP.

Thanks for the tip.

I'll add it to my diagnostic toolbox.

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You're welcome!