Sending realtime data EMG to my Android via BluetoothLE

That's why I hate this hardware :sob: I found a lot of errors since Mr. Juan replied in this forum
The code and sketch very much different

eek :grin:

there is an error again sir

Why? I think so sir :sob:

From the code I suggested? If so, it could be that Juan's Block only accepts numbers as text.

Are you running the App in Companion? Make sure your Companion is up-to-date.

Update the Companion

Also, upload an image of your BLE StringsReceived Block

Is that true sir?

There is an error sir when I press register button first, and then if I press clear button there is no error and my app is working well

Then when I try it a lot, suddenly there is an error like this, sir
What's that mean?

If you need to display the values in Nilai_1 and Label3, use the same list values from ListValuePair.

It means the value 'n,n' sent from the Sketch was only 'n'. That glitch could be caused by a myriad of things - would probably be more reliable if the time interval was a bit longer - say 2 seconds.

Before splitting stringValues into the List, check that the comma is there:

Ah I see, I think you are right, sir, because I used a variable resistor with a resistance of 50K :grin:
And does the output produced by the variable resistor affect the app, sir?

I doubt it would be the resistor given that you have received good, complete values in the App. By checking for the comma before attempting to split at the comma, the odd wonky value should be avoided.

Yes sir, I will remember it


I have tried sir, but there is still an error

Use only one Label and check what you are getting, you should get something like this...
Check the end of line.
Are you getting something like that?


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Can we see your code?

This is my .ino file sir

Ah, sorry, I meant your App Inventor code :upside_down_face:

I'm sorry sir I just wake up sir
This is my .aia file
LED_Control_6C.aia (617.2 KB)