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Good morning to the community, I apologize for my English, I use the translator.
I need help, I wanted to know what I have to insert at block level for an application to work in the background.
I need the background for an application for which I attach aia files where I store strings in a tinydb like this: Date-Time-Description.
I need this because I would like the application to send me a notification even if it is closed at a specific time, I assume to be inserted in a foreach loop.
It would be easy for me to use Pura Vida's Alarm Manager extension but I would like, if possible, help with the blocks to use to understand how the application intercepts the precise time to send me a notification even with the application closed.
I hope I have been clear in my request and I thank the community in advance for their help.
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Yes, the alarmmanager extension would be the extension to send a notification at a specific time

The Android operating system triggers the alarmmanager extension at the given time to send the notification

The only thing you need is to set the alarm, see the documentation App Inventor Extensions: Alarm Manager | Pura Vida Apps


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Thanks for your advice, greetings to the community.