Sending *Group* texts, not individually one-by-one?

Edit: rephrased as this was split from a different discussion.

Through my Googling so far, I haven't found anyone discussing a way to send GROUP texts. Is this possible? Everything I've found refers to sending individual texts to a list of recipients- not together as a group chat.


Thanks for the reply, but that method does exactly what I'm trying not to do. That sends individual texts to a list, one-by-one, not as a group chat.

If I go into my default SMS app on my phone, I can send a text to two recipients at once, and doing so initializes a group message thread between the three of us. That is what I am trying to do here.

You can only send one text at a time with AppInventor

Buy can a text be sent to multiple recipients at the same time? That is still just "one" text

Actually I just realized that group texts are sent as MMS, not SMS. Can Inventor send MMS?

App Inventor does not support MMS, but there may be an extension that does. If not, maybe one of the extension authors in the community might be willing to build you one.