Sending file using sharing component

I am unable to figure out how to send files (image) using the sharing component.
When I add the name of the png saved in the media using the sharing component, the pop-up saying the file is not found comes. Do we have to store the file in the tiny DB first?
Can you please suggest ways to do so?
Thank you

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Show your blocks and see also here:

this is what my blocks look like

You cannot share a file from the assets or the Private data directory.

So I will have to follow these steps to share my file ?

Where is the image stored? If it is in the assets you need to copy it first the external storage (best to the ASD) and share it from there.

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Yes, it is stored in the assets. Thank you , I will try that.

... using the TaifunFile or FileTools extension.

Thank you.
Also, can you please guide how to share the highscore that is being saved in the Tiny DB.

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Why do you use the comparison = as message? The result of the comparison is Boolean true or false, so your shared message will be "true" or "false".

yes , i was figuring out a was i can add the global number to the message while sharing.
Can you pls suggest ways to concatenate the variable and the message along with it

Use the text join block


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you can also see here:
to understand how to "find" the file that you want to send, I mean the directory.
This is what I saw and did that in the picture:

To help you understand... I have a folder called "apt" in my files and I want to send the file "ind_users.txt" which is IN THE folder "apt".
And the idea of "join" that somebody has told you is this.

I hope you' re fine!