Sending each of list field to different textboxes

Hello team,
I want to make a performance calculator for engines and have a problem with sending each of list fields to different textboxes.I have a csv file which contains 4 columns and 110 rows converted via Google sheets from xslx file.I converted this csv file to list with select list item list block along with index block as seen on mobile screen, actually I want to send each of list field that result of cascade spinner selection to different textboxes to perform calculations.When I selected CIT ,-tbk,wbk,and pbk values send to label40, after that I want to send each field value to relevant textboxes (tbk,wbk,and pbk).(enginemodel1 and CIT are cascade spinner) Thanks in advance..

Where and how did you get the csv data?form your photo, it looks not a csv.
show your relevant blocks here.

.deleted cause of bad screenshot

new blocks

Harder to see.

Convert the CSV data to a list , then use select list item list block along with index.


I tried many times what you said but I only get index 1 and the length of list is 1 caution.

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

Perhaps this example helps ?

I tried this one, but problem still goes on...