Sending data to google sheets when offline

Hey all,
I am working on a data collection app for assessing wildfire damage that populates a google sheet with entries and selections. I need to somehow make it work when the phone doesn't have service. Right now I can: make my selections populate a google sheet, OR save to tiny DB (two different buttons). Is there a way for the user (once in service) to recall the list and populate the google set from the list? Maybe "reverse" the list entries back into the text boxes and then click the upload button? I do not know how to use dictionary, i'm not sure if that is even useful. Or any other ideas how to accomplish this?

  1. Once you have generated your dataset, save this first to a list or dictionary in tinydb.
  2. Test for internet/data connection
  3. If you have internet then run a loop routine to upload each item (list or dictionary) in you tinydb to the google sheet, then remove the item from the tinydb.
  4. If you do not have an internet/data connection, either set a timer to check again later to run 2. & || 3. , or present a button for the user to manually run again

Ok, I am following the concept of what you are saying, but have another couple of questions:

  1. How do i view the contents of tiny DB ? or how do I know what to upload to google sheets from tinydb? can I upload all contents with a block from the user button?
  2. I am collecting data on multiple screens, can I save all of the contents across the screens to one "tag" or list on tinydb? can I save across multiple screens to the same list on tinydb?
    Thankyou for your help
  • Use the getTags and getValue blocks to view the contents of the tinydb
  • As I suggested, save your data to a list, then save that list to the tinydb. Add new data (as a list) to this list. Then when internet is present, upload each dataset in the list, one by one
  • How are you doing this now ?