Sending Data to Arduino and Displaying to Serial Monitor

Good day all! I tried this app from Bluetooth HC-06. Arduino. Send. Receive. Send text file. Multitouch. Image entitled: 1.- App sends simple char. Arduino on-off LED12 and LED13. I modified the app code because I just want to print text in Serial monitor - on laptop when I press the button on smart phone. But it doesn't display the corresponding text to Serial Monitor. This is the code of the app which is very common example as I've seen on the internet but does not work on me. I tried not setting, and I tried also setting the DelimiterByte to the app which in either case the app still does not work. The code of the app is bellow:
Screenshot (691)

This was the UI:

This was the Arduino UNO code:

char caracter;

void setup() {



void loop(){

int humedad = 10;

int temperatura = 11;

delay(300) ;

// Bluetooth

if(Serial.available() > 0) {

  caracter =;

    if(caracter == 'T')


        int temper = temperatura;


        Serial.print("\n"); // Fin de línea. Importante.



    if(caracter == 'H')


        int humed = humedad;


        Serial.print("\n"); // Fin de línea. Importante.


        caracter == ' ';



This was the Arduino IDE Serial port when I the code was running:

I really need help, thank you