Sending command to third party app

Is it possible to build with AI2 (including extensions) :

I want to have a simple app with one button. When I press the button on my custom app, it tells the Overdrive app (audiobook player) to add a bookmark at the current location in the audiobook (what you would get if you used the "add bookmark" button in the Overdrive app)?

Reason : I want to do this through bluetooth using custom hardware that gives me an easy to access button. So I need to talk to a third party app from my custom app that interfaces to my bluetooth device.

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Unlikely ananthdroid.

What about trying to play an Audio Book from your App using the Player? It would require the books to be in MP3, Ogg or Wave format.

You could suggest an Audio Book extension (in the extension section of this Forum) that could create bookmarks.


I have just suggested that an Audio Book player would be a good extension project:

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Does the Overdrive app accept intents ? If so you could possibly use the activityStarter to do this.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Anyone know whether this would be possible on iOS?

How does a Bose ear-bud send a Pause command to the Overdrive app or any player?

RE using the Android Player, the problem is the content is licensed - that is why the library will only let you listen to it using the trusted app - Eg. Overdrive.

Is there a way to trick an App into thinking it is active (using the screen) and then send it a touch command? Something like what AutoHotKey is capable of doing on Windows?

not sure cause ios app building is not released yet and companion has some bugs also.


Not with an extension unfortunately - Apple does not accept their use.

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Does the Overdrive App have an API (or SDK)?

Answer - yes: