Sending Bluetooth Serial Message in Background Using Itoo

I'm new to the MIT App Inventor software. So far, it's been really easy to understand. I'm making an app that connects to my device via Bluetooh. The problem is that while almost everything works PERFECTLY, only one thing is giving me issues which is sending messages via Bluetooth client in a Background Process using Itoo. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, it seems like it should be straight forward. When sending Bluetooth messages in the foreground it works normally, both from "vanilla" bluetooth blocks and when using an Itoo broadcast, but doesn't matter what I do, it NEVER works in the background. I also have a get request in that same background proc that works perfectly fine.

To make it clear and specific, the block that I can't get the work is botom left, the bgTimer process.

Hi @Soft_Bread, welcome to the community.

Your approach involves first establishing the connection on the foreground side and then attempting to send data through the background process. This is incorrect.

You have to establish the bluetooth connection in the background itself, not on the foreground, then you would have no issues sending data.

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Wow, if that's the solution it seems fairly simple, I'll try and give an update.

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