Sending Bluetooth not Working

Hi everyone. I am trying to design a remote controller for a Beaglebone black microcontroller. I managed to get the app to connect to my HC-06 Bluetooth module successfully, however I seems nothing is being sent from my phone to my MCU. I know my bluetooth is working correctly on the MCU as a pre-designed bluetooth terminal works perfectly, but whenever I try the app I designed on the MIT app inventor it doesn't receive anything. This leads me to think that it has to do with some setting on my phone not allowing the app to send anything. I already have my bluetooth and location on and gave the app permission to them. Does anyone know of any possible reason it might not be working?

If you have already managed to connect to the bt module, then sending must be working. Check the mcu program that deals with receiving data. Does Beaglebone run on linux?
Do you have to include a line break in the message "100"? Like this: "100\n".


Yes the beaglebone does run on Linux. I am new to linux so it is possible I am doing something wrong. But due to it working perfectly fine when using bluetooth apps I downloaded from the app store, I don't think the issue is with my serial on the mcu program. It might be the line break you mentioned. I'll try that quickly and edit my response if it worked. thank you.

Edit: The issue was indeed with the newline character at the end. Thank you for helping me with such a stupid mistake @Patryk_F !

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