Send text longer than 20 characters via BluetoothLE

Hello everyone, sorry for newby's question, but I am not able to solve it, I also apologize for my English, I am using a translator to write because it is difficult for me. Although I can read it without problems :grin:.
The problem is that I send data through bluetooth and I'm only receiving 20 characters maximum.
The idea is that the esp32 receives the SSID and password data via bluetoothLE so that it can later work with them, when I look at the monitor I see that it only receives a maximum of 20 characters.
I leave a screenshot of the blocks to see what I'm doing wrong.
I saw someone who had a similar problem, but I couldn't understand the answer, their blocks were much more complex than mine hahaha

Thanks for your help in advance

Sorry, I forgot to add.
board: ESP32
Bluetoot Extension Version: 20230728
The data is sent from a cell phone


  • RequestMTU – Requests a new minimum transmission unit (MUT) (sic) for the BluetoothLE connection. This feature is only supported when both devices support Bluetooth 4.2 or higher. If the MTU is changed successfully, the MTUChanged event will be run. The default MTU is 20.This block is intended for advanced apps that need to change the size of the messages sent between the BLE devices. Most developers will not need to adjust this value.Parameters:
    • bytes (number) — The desired MTU size.

Thanks for the answer, I made the modification, I did some research and I think I did it right, I attached the capture of the blocks again with the modification made, now it sends 22 characters :rofl:

Do you need me to upload the project and the esp32 code?

I did not think to look for the event block that signals success:

  • MTUChanged – The MTUChanged event is run when the two BluetoothLE devices have successfully changed their maximum transmission unit (MTU) to a different value. This event will only run in response to a call to the method block RequestMTU.Parameters:
    • bytes (number) — The new size, in bytes, of the new MTU.

when BluetoothLE1 MTUChanged bytes do

Posting the sketch here too will help uncover a possible need for equivalent code on the other end.