Send string from textbox to esp8266 using wifi

so i had this small task to turn on and off a led using the mit app and esp8266 , and the code depends that you send a command with the ip address like /on,

that is the code,
now my problem is that there is another task which is to send a the text written in the textbox to the esp and print it in the serial, so the main problem is how can i send the string written?

You will need three things:

  • a textbox.Text for the user to enter the text
  • a btnSend Button to request transmission in its Click event
  • a text JOIN block to build up the parts of the URL for the Web component, joining parts from that textbox.Text and other parts from your global variables, front and back.
    You can add extra sockets to the JOIN block using its blue button.
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