Send Sound from Phone to Phone

I will try to describe my request as precisely as possible. I am looking with a simple application to send from phone A to phone B a sound.

For example if I press the app on phone A , phone B will ring with a special ringtone or sound. As soon as I stop pressing the app on phone A the ringtone or sound will stop on phone B.

I am looking for a wholesale to make a phone to phone emergency call system. As I am disabled, this will allow the person to come as soon as they hear the Ringtone or their

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this sounds simple, but probably it is not...
because on phone B there must be some service running in the background, which listens for some event, this could be for example a change of a database value

a simple solution could be to just use the PhoneCall component to start a phone call or send a message via WhatsApp, How to start Whatsapp/send a message with Whatsapp

probably Tasker is able to help?

or the background tasks extension?


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