Send sms with location when label data changes

I want to pick a contact using the contact picker. then press the SOS button. Once SOS button is pressed it triggers the app to detect label's text, if the label text changes to "CONNECTION: ON" it sends a "DANGER" message to the selected contacts immediately along with the GPS location of the phone. please help me with the right code.

This tutorial explains one way you can send the text sms How to text your Location to a Phone and Display the Location on a Google Map

Hi, @Dibwarjeet_Bordolai.
As I'm Reading You Want An App Where You First Select A Contact, Then, Press SOS, And If A Label That Express If You Are Connected, And, If You Are, Send A "Danger" SMS To Selected Contact With Your Actual GPS Location. With Contact Picker, Texting, Location, Map And Marker Modules I Think That You Can Do It. Here I Give You A Simple Interface, The Blocks And The .aia File For Editing It.

  1. Designer Mode: (The Design And Components)

  1. Blocks Mode: (The Code)

  1. The .aia File For App Inventor (The Name Is Other But It's The Same)
    SOS_APP.aia (3.3 KB)

That's All! If You Need More Help, Just Reply Me

the above app doesn't work.
thank you for help

Why? Can You Detail The Errors So I Can Fix It?

If It's The Marker, Add To call LocationMarker SetLocation Latitude And Longitude Parameters By get global latitude and get global longitude Just With A Copy-Paste.