Send Push notification to user(App), FROM google sheet?

How to get Push notification(TaifunNotification) on my phone when some changes happen on google sheet

How will you know when something has changed on your Google sheet? Once you have figured that out, you can call a notification.

I would like when admin changes(from google sheet) work time for me I should get notification, like your admin changed your work time for you, are you agree with that? if I push button yes then from google sheet it must change color to green ELSE must change to red so like admin can understan Am i agree with him or not.

Thank in advance!

Your App could read your row of the sheet and store it in-App (TinyDb). Using a Clock Timer, the App could read the sheet say every 0.5 hours and compare with the previous read, until a change is discovered.

Since you are not going to run the App all day and all night on Screen, you will need to use the background extension to perform this process.

My manager he has access to google sheet and he is trying to make some changes for the user 9999 by changing my work location on google sheet. So when he made changes I should get direcly push notification informing that am I agree with it or not.

so is ther any extention I could use? or is there any scripe I could use?
thanks in advance!

I haven't done this process, but one idea could be to sync Google sheets with Firebase.