Send OCR output to TextToSpeech?

Hi guys, i am doing a project for our school. I have just started using mit app inventor. When the OCR reads the text, how can i make it when the OCR gives the result it reads it out?, i need a quick answer pls.

With reference to this:

Use the textToSpeech component

After adding the component where do i add the text to speech blocks?, we only have 8 days left.

In the Event block for completion of the OCR scan.

Hi @Keystone6 , my opinion, in this topic You should ask about a problem that You have with this extension, I think You should create a new topic for your question , so it is easier for other people to find the answer if they have a similar problem.
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moving to new topic ...

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btw what text to speech blocks do i put and where pls, we dont have alot of time,

In this block:

call to this block (component TextToSpeech):

Anything after that?

anything else for what? What blocks have you implemented and what do you want to achieve?

So when i take a pic and i get the results from the ocr it should read the text with a synthezied voice.

In "message" set the text received in GetOCRResponse

Hi @Keystone6,
attached my sample OCR.aia where I added TextToSpeech1 as @Ramon suggested.
( but You should try no only ask)
OCR.aia (23.7 KB)
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Hey marco, for school reasons can you explain how to OCR works?

Hi @Keystone6 I think this could be useful

tysm marco