Send notifications, when values are saved in TinyDB

Hi, I created a messaging app, using the tiny database, to back up data and read it to all devices that have the same apps. But my problem is that I try to: when a data is saved in tiny database, send a notification to the devices that own the application: “You have received a message”. I really need help
Thank you in advance

App Inventor does not ofer a Push Notification component
you might want to switch to Kodular (which is an App Inventor distribution) and use its Push Notification component there, see also


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Hi, i posted a new topic and i need you help please !

Thank you for your quick response, I use the only extension that works with recent android: “notify V3” (same principle as Tifunnotifications) and these are text values that are received, and no I didn’t put any time markers because I really don’t know which blocks to use

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