Send multiple data to TinyDb

Hi hope you guys can help me…

In-app inventor I am trying to create an app with a few screens.

On each screen, we have buttons that represent a value. On one screen we have buttons named C1 to C20 when selecting one of those buttons example C1 it sends data to an SCV file and then opens the next screen with another selection of buttons named animals, humans, and visitors the same applies to the previous button. In my google sheet, it displays the following…

C1...Time...05h30 … Animal. The end result must then be shared on WhatsApp. So that works well but I would like to use a TinyDB instead of a google sheet and I searched many tutorials and still can't find a solution or tutorial to help me.

Can you guys maybe help me in the right direction?

Do you know how to share a tinydb ?

I am not sure of what do you mean, could please explain more properly?

Maybe this can help :

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Hello Maruis

It's certainly the type of App that could benefit from using Virtual Screens too. Screen1 is the ‘real’ Screen and device-sized Vertical Arrangements on it are displayed/hidden as required - they are the Virtual screens. Any settings/data/calcs/scores/storage etc made for Screen 1 apply to the Virtual screens. You could also re-decorate existing buttons rather than have a similar set of even more buttons.

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Hi thank you for that tip