Send mail with activity starter

how to display message when gmail had send mail ???
i use activity starter
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thank you

does the AfterActivity event fire after the message has been sent?
you can try a Notifier component...

alternatively use one of the other solutions

Different eMail solutions for App Inventor


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thank you.

  1. i press button "sendmail"
    2 ) in my phone open gmail and send mail
    3 ) when go back i will show message "message send"
    i don't know value of "result" of method "afteractivity"

as already said I do not know, if the AfterActivity event fires after the message has been sent...
only if that event fires, then you are able to show a message...
therefore my suggestion is to use a Notifier in that event to find it out yourself...
and in case that does not work, try another solution to send an email... see again my previous answer...
I hope, this helps...