Send keyboard keystrokes after MakePhonecallDirect

I have an alarm at home that I can activate and deactivate with a phone call and then send a password with the phone keypad. 12341 On and 12340 Off.
How can I after MakePhonecallDirect automatically send keystrokes?
Thank you.

Do you need to send a character, e.g. # before your codes?

Explain in detail how you would do it on the telephone.

I call the alarm number and then directly type 12341 to activate or 12340 to deactivate the alarm. 1234 is the password and then the command 1 or 0. I want make the call and send the password and command from app inventor for my mother.

Possibly add the code to the dialing number like so:

01234 567890 #12341

but you may need to encode the #

01234 567890 %2312341

I already thought this: my number + 12341.
but the company says "Do not exit that number"
I don't need the # character

And I need wait the PhoneCallStarted.

Thaks for your attention

Try this 65945xxxx,12341
I.e. use a comma after the number

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Taifun, thank you very much from Spain
Comma after the number works perfectly.
Thanks again.

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