Send DTMF tones

Is it possible to send DTMF tones over voice? I tried KIO4, but it didn't work (maybe I'm wrong?). Has anyone done it?

You might try this advice: A user said he could play a DTMF sound file using the Sound component to play over his phone. I can not confirm this. :cry:

Here is a recorded DTMF Dtmf-4.txt (1.5 KB) . This is actually a wav file. Change the txt to wav after you download and it should work.

Try it and please let us know if it helps. I expect it will not work with the phone but you could try. :cry:

Just now I try "Player" and "Sound" but non of them can send DTMF. I hope someone to write an extension and I believe it is possible. If there is anything else to try, please let me know.