Send .csv file from AI to a static IP

Hello guys

Sorry if this question has been posted again but i didn't find an exact answer.

I would like to know if it is possible to send/transfer data from a .csv file which has been created via my APK to a static IP address?

In particular, I have created an APK which at its final stage creates a .csv file including numerous data i.e. heart rate. Next I would like to send/transfer this .csv file to a computer with a static ip direct via my APK.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance

You must have a server on your PC that receives the file, for example Wamp server for Windows.
What Operating System does your PC have?
A few days ago I built an .exe program for Windows to receive files.
If you are interested in trying it I can send you the .exe

Thanx for your instant response sir.

My PC runs also Windows, so could you please send me the .exe file? -

Warmest Thanks


You get my message?
Have you done any tests?