Send Alarm to Arduino through Bluetooth

Hi! I'm trying to create a mobile application through MIT App Inventor that sends an alarm schedule and/or data to the Arduino through Bluetooth.

Will it be possible to do so? If yes, may I ask help with the code blocks? Thanks for the help!

Here are some starter guides ...

Regarding your app, here are some questions for you ...

  • Does the Arduino have persistent storage to hold its schedule of alarms?
  • Which flavor of BlueTooth do you plan on using? BLE or pre-BLE?
  • What types of alarms?
    • klaxon (on/off?)
    • variable text display?
    • choice of LED on/off?
  • What type of schedule(s)?
    • repeating daily?
    • repeating weekly?
    • one time?

Hi! We'll be using the ATMega328P to store the data. Then we'll use the HC05 Bluetooth Module to send data from mobile application to the ATMega328P or Arduino.

The alarm can be set through the mobile application along with some alert message or data then buzzer will ring. No LCD display. We're thinking of multiple alarm schedules daily (E.g. Alarm set at 8 AM for MWF, Alarm set at 12 NN for MWF, etc.)

Thank you for the help!

Consider designing a query/response syntax for messages from AI2 to your device, taking into account message size limits for the HC05.

For schedule event creation, you already have a head start, like

  • +HHmm1234567\n to request addition of an alarm every day of the week at HHmm military time
  • -HHmm1234567\n to request removal of each alarm matching the above mask
  • ? to request retrieval of all alarms

Please tell me how to do that app