Send accelerometer Datas via Bluetooth

I try to send the data via BT but when I try the app hangs up.


The Accelerometer is firing faster than the BlueTooth can send.

Use a few global variables and a Clock to mediate the two speeds.

When Acceleration Changed, copy xaccel into global xaccel and yaccel into global yaccel, etc.

When Clock1.Timer fires, send the two global variable values.
If that works, slowly speed up Clock1.

Thanks for Your hint. I changed that but now still get Error 510: Could not decode “0.1” as an Integer.
I have to change the var to text and send than?

ok get it, now sending as text. works fine

hello,always the same error 510
Thank you for your help


don’t use nombre, send as texte

can you send me your program and your design so that I can compare it to mine

How do you know if you’re connected when you try to send?

I am not connected to the robot now I am working on the application
attached the error received

thank you

Are you both working on the same project?
If not, please start a new thread.

did you find a solution for your problem?
if yes, can you please send me the solution?

Here examples about send and receive data by BT.