Send a file to a non-local ip app inventor

Hello, I want to make an application that is able to send files with another smartphone that have this application, I need to send the public ip of the telephone to mine and send the file selected to my IP to get it, I don't know if you understand what I want, here is an example:

Doing exactly what you want will be impossible without extensions given that we don't have components that will tell you the phone's IP or act as a server. The closest thing you could do is use the BluetoothClient and BluetoothServer components, or use the Sharing component and tie in with the existing mechanisms to share files in Android. Alternatively, if you set up a web server that could receive files you could PUT the file to the server then send the filename via CloudDB to the app running on your friend's device and GET the file there.

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thank you for your answer, but BlueTooth is not the solution I want... do you know how to do an extension like this? or just a network application?

What is the point of the ip you got?
Why user have to send you an Ip?

An IP Address is unique to the device. With static IPs you can have a list on your device for sending data to the others, no matter which network they are on.

In this case, it would probably be best if both devices had the same App to perform the data exchange. If a web server is not an option, Google Drive might be. (That's Tim AI2's department :grin:)

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Hello Leviathan Corporation

Tim AI2's website has detailed information on how to send and retrieve data:

You put in a link to the front page of that site. Where specifically is the page that you were talking about ?

There is a sidebar menu on the front page, see the drop-down sub menu 'Guides'.

As is the case on many tech related forums. People that answered strayed away from the original question. The OP wanted to know how to get the public IP address of another device running the same app. He mentioned why he wanted that. To send a file. The responders ignored getting the ip and focused on how to do the file transfer.

Are you just trolling, or do you have a solution? (one which was provided was to use existing sharing solutions in Android)

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