Send a barcode number to ESP32 Wroom 32 U

I am developing an application to read a barcode and send the code to the ESP32 Wroom 32u, but I am not finding the options to send the result to the Bluetooth device.
Does anyone know how to create the code block to get the result read by the scanner and send it to the Bluetooth device (ESP32)?

Use Sensors / BarcodeScanner.
Then send the text result to ESP2 via BLE (extension) or Classic Bluetooth

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Hi Juan, tks!
Im trying to send the barcode for bluetooth to ESP32 wroom 32u. Its not working.
Can you help me?
Look the blocks.

Sorry this is not english, im brazilian.

Here an example:
5.- App gets the text of a QR using BarcodeScanner. Send that text to ESP32.

If you use recent versions of Android you must configure Bluetooh permissions. Search this Community.