Selenium Testing of App Inventor UI

Hello everybody,

My name is Yousef Haggy and I am a computer science student at the Virginia Commonwealth University. I’m passionate about developing impactful software and learning new skills. I plan to participate in GSoC and this will (hopefully!) be my first time contributing to OSS.

Regarding the idea “Selenium Testing of App Inventor UI”, is there any existing list of UI test cases I could utilize? In addition, can anyone offer additional details on what is expected to come from this potential project?

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Hi @yousefhaggy

The web UI isn’t really tested at this point. There is one test that I wrote using the GwtTestRunner (, so there’s a lot of opportunity to make progress here. You should also read the GWT documentation on remote testing:


Thank you for sharing that resource, I’m definitely checking it out.

Could we use any language of our choosing for testing the Web UI? I’m familiar with Selenium testing in python. If not, I could still use Java, I’m just a bit less familiar with it.

I think it would be best to keep the tests in Java so we can integrate with the existing JUnit output.

Roger that! So would the following be good examples of GWT UI tests to write:

  • Tests for main components appearing in the Viewer (Ex: Buttons, ListViews, labels)
  • Testing that change various properties of those components works accordingly
  • Testing that switching between screens works properly

I looked into the GWT guide on remote testing and all the tests I listed seem very doable to me. Please let me know if I’m on the right track!

All the best,

Also, in my proposed timeline should I mention what specific components of app inventor I plan to write tests for on a week by week basis? Or is that too specific?